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Benefits made mobile, are benefits made easy.

The first benefits platform built securely on the platform
providing employers a fast, efficient and secure mobile platform enabling eligible members access to their benefits, wherever they are.  BenefitsApp teams with Human Resource Professionals and their Plan Administrators to convey benefits to employees with the BenefitsApp platform.

The BenefitsApp Platform:

  • BenefitsApp is a world-class platform hosted on the platform
  • It is secure and HIPPA compliant
  • It has a sophisticated scalable architecture
  • It manages employee access to their benefits based on eligibility
  • It is currently integrated with bSwift, and easily integrated with other platforms

Why Mobile?

  • Mobile is part of the fabric of daily life
  • BenefitsApp bridges a communication gap
  • BenefitsApp provides access to always up-to-date benefits
  • BenefitsApp is a new channel for communication that can help reach hard-to-reach employees
  • BenefitsApp is available to employees and significant others

Why BenefitsApp?

  • Eligibility and user-level access
  • Segmentation by employee level
  • Messaging using contact-level data
  • High-touch personalization
  • Native phone features (now and future)
  • Personal page for Medical ID Cards
  • View eligible family members

Employee Adoption...

  • BenefitsApp offers a 3-email drip campaign to employees with instructions on installing the BenefitsApp from the App Stores.
  • A Poster in PDF(digital) form for local printing and distribution.
  • Rack Cards in a clear plastic holder for break rooms or common areas.

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