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BenefitsApp is a "Super App"

BenefitsApp is a "Super App"  that aggregates many separate apps into a connected ecosystem where you can streamline, control and provide easy, direct access to information employees need where they live – their phone. 

Introducing BenefitsApp


“BenefitsApp creates a better employee experience and increases the value of the benefits being offered by companies.”

Alfred R. Berkeley, BenefitsApp Advisor
Former President and Vice Chairman, NASDAQ



BenefitsApp provides employers with a fast, efficient and secure mobile platform enabling eligible employees and their families access to their benefits and HR apps, wherever they are, whenever they need them. 

Why BenefitsApp?

  • BenefitsApp stores all employee benefit information in one place and makes it easy for them – and their family members – to access their benefits right on their smart phone.
  • Easy access means less frustrated calls and emails to HR and a better overall experience for employees.
  • BenefitsApp teams with Human Resource professionals and their plan administrators to deploy benefits to employees with our unique mobile platform.
  • BenefitsApp is a world class platform hosted on the platform.
  • Push notifications make it easier for employers to communicate with their employees and have confidence their message is received. Important especially in today’s world dealing with COVID-19.
  • It is secure and HIPPA compliant
  • It’s scalable thanks to its sophisticated architecture
  • Employee access is easily managed and based on eligibility

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